“Art is an indispensable tool to generate more reflective and peaceful societies”

Jorge Marín

JORGE MARÍN (México, 1963) is one of the greatest representatives of Mexican figurative art. Throughout his career, his artistic labour has approached different artistic disciplines and materials—as ceramic and resin—, and, after a broad search, he decided to adopt bronce as his medium of expression and turning it into a distinctive sign of his art.

He has participated in more than 260 collective expositions having, currently, three international projects developing. Individually, his works have been showcased in galleries and museums of France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, England, Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Brussels, Letonia, in Asian countries as Singapore, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Azerbaijan and Kuwait; in Africa, with an exhibit in Cairo, and in American countries such as the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador Guatemala and, of course, Mexico; making him an artist of great international presence.

Beyond the liberating symbolism proper of the wings, there is the mirror effect detected in Jorge Marin’s Artworks: figures that, though masked and winged, achieve a connection with the public, allowing a relation based on the certainty and the hope produced by his symbols.

Jorge Marín has a strong aim to take art into the public spaces, as they foster social regeneration, and nurture the understanding of the city as fundamentally human space. That’s why his Wings of Mexico have captivated hundreds of persons around the world, making of their original location one of the most photographed spots in Mexico City.











Jorge Marín’s artworks are ruled by the ethical code of art foundries. You might read it in full detail here.






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